American Media Inc And Meredith Could Make a Joint Run at Time Inc?

This Time Inc thing just got weird as tabloid publisher American Media Inc may have tossed its hat in the ring as a possible suitor for Time Inc according to the NY Post.  But American Media Inc wouldn't be able to go it alone being that Time Inc is about a $2 billion company. So the scenario has AMI buddying up with Meredith to make a run at the publisher of Time, People, Sports Illustrated InStyle and Fortune to name a few. It is believed that Meredith only wants some select titles from the Time Inc stable which means that AMI would then have its run at the others, but again maybe not all of them. Such a scenario fuels what many believe is the ultimate fate of Time Inc, which is to be broken up and sold off piece by piece as potential buyers may not want the whole thing. This news follows our report earlier this week that American Media in reportedly laid off some 30+ employees and furloughed others in an effort to save money. It wouldn't be the first time that AMI and Meredith have worked together. It was Meredith that took three publications off of AMI's hands two years ago. AMI sold Shape, Fit Pregnancy and Natural Health to Meredith. Time Inc's board is expected to meet sometime next week to decide whether to sell the company or continue to go it alone under CEO Rich Battista and his team.

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