American Media Inc Enjoying Digital Boom

American Media Inc, the publisher of such titles as National Enquirer, Star, Men's Fitness, RadarOnline and others, is enjoying a serious digital boom at the moment thanks to Chief Digital Officer Brian Kroski, his team working hand in hand with editorial. AMI digital attracted 50 million monthly visitors in fiscal 2016 which is a huge 29% jump compared to 2015. This comes after the company reported a 40% growth of its digital audiences last year. So what is driving this boom at the company that had to sell off titles like Shape, and layoff staffers  to pay down debt? Digital chief Brian Kroski explains:
“AMI’s digital growth is the result of a coordinated strategic effort centered on strong editorial content and taking advantage of new formats and distribution platforms,” says AMI chief digital officer, Brian Kroski. “Across all of our digital properties, whether celebrity or fitness, we’ve been very deliberate in creating content that resonates with our readers. We pay close attention to the data and actively listen to our readers on social media, and endeavor to give them something special that they want to read or watch.”

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