Get in Bed With Conde Nast Traveler's Editor in Chief Pilar Guzman

Guzman is the host of "Pillow Talk With Pilar Guzman", a new video series

Pilar Guzman, the editor in chief of Conde Nast Traveler is taking it to another level albeit a familiar one, when it comes to original video series for magazines. Ms. Guzman, is taking it to the bedroom as host of a new video series called "Pillow Talk". Yes you read right. In the first video which debuted today, viewers can experience Ms. Guzman bouncing around on a bed with Nate Berkus for their attention. The video arena is getting crowded by the day so  Editors like Ms. Guzman are doing whatever they can to stand out. Not sure what if anything this series will accomplish because there is nothing original about it. The again what is these days.
The first video was shot in New York’s Caryle Hotel, and showcases Guzmán, wearing J. Crew navy pj’s with white piping interviewing Nate Berkus, who is clad in light blue Brooks Brothers sleepwear. The duo order room service — chicken fingers, fries, mac and cheese, shrimp cocktail and white wine — jump in tandem on the bed and later head down to Café Carlyle (still in pj’s) only to find Tony Danza rehearsing for a live performance. They dance in slippers (of course) while the former star of “Taxi” and “Who’s the Boss?” croons and tap dances, while a man plays piano.


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