Time Inc CEO Joe Ripp Fears a Slow And Steady Death For The Company

Joe Ripp has been flipping over every stone, cutting fat where he can and launching new digital products since he landed back at Time Inc as CEO. That constant effort, has not let up as the company continues to hunt for new revenue sources and new content distribution methods/platforms to ensure Time Inc's future in a digitally dominated media world. The company like its competitors face constant new threats and competition from native digital media companies like Vox, Vice and Pop Sugar to name a few. Some are already writing off the company Henry Luce Built, and others think its on track. There is no doubt that Time Inc reaches a huge worldwide audience. Many just question whether or not they are tapping into that the right way. CEO Ripp believes they are and the company spent big money to let advertisers know this as well.
Mr. Ripp’s message: We have what you’re looking for. He outlined Time Inc.’s plans to invest aggressively in digital media, including online video, and to use “big data” it collects about readers to help target ads, say people familiar with the meeting. A spokesman declines to say how P&G responded. Since taking the top job at Time Inc. nearly two years ago, the 63-year-old Mr. Ripp has been racing to reinvent what was once one of America’s most powerful media companies. He also is trying to counter the narrative that Time Inc. is a lumbering, old-guard print publisher unable to adapt to the digital age.
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