Monday, August 11, 2014

Conde Nast sends Lucky magazine off on its own to die,

For months there have been rumors about Conde Nast doing away with Lucky Magazine and for months Conde Nast and Lucky Magazine officials shot down those rumors. Lucky magazine's editor Eva Chen even went as far as to post a P.Diddy music titled "Bad Boy For Life" due to the chorus line that says "We aint going no where" as a message to rumor mongers. Conde Nast CEO Chuck Townsend even talked up Lucky and Eva Chen saying he couldn't be more pleased with all things Lucky. Fast forward to today and Conde Nast is spinning off Lucky as a stand alone company. Now this is either a sign that things are so good at Lucky, the higher ups decided it should go off on its own to make tons of money. Or things are so bad, and have been bad, that this is the only way to send Lucky off to die and save face at the same time.

The new company will be called The Lucky Group and will be lead by Josh Berman as CEO, Lucky's Editor in Chief Eva Chen as Chief Creative Officer and Gillian Gorman Round as President. Regardless of the upbeat statement made by Mr. Townsend and Ms. Chen, Lucky magazine has been dying for some time now. The magazine under Ms.Chen couldn't find a new footing even though that was the reason she was put in the EIC chair by Anna Wintour. In addition, ad pages have been in the toilet, especially for the all important September issue. This move is seen is a save face move to protect the credibility of people like Ms. Wintour, Mr. Townsend, Ms. Chen and Conde President Bob Sauerberg. Instead of abruptly shutting down the magazine, Conde is spinning it as a new launch to distract from what everyone has known for some time now that Lucky has been dead. Perhaps Eva Chen was spending way too much time on social media, glamorizing the job and not actually doing the job
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