Louise Blouin Media President Ben Hartley Bails, Company in Chaos

Louise Blouin Media President Ben Hartley who also served as the company's spokesperson is leaving at the end of the month. Mr. Hartley has been in the middle of the many legal actions currently aimed at the company. He was actually named in the current one filed by two former publishers. Over the years since he's been President, Mr. Hartley has earned a reputation as a ruthless yes man to company owner and namesake Louise Blouin. According to the recent lawsuit it claimed Mr. Hartley personally handed former Publisher's Kate Shanley and Wendy Buckley their walking papers as they walked into the office. With all the recent exits from the company, Mr. Hartley will be the most senior departure, in what seems like an attempt to legally prevent him from disclosing any information on the company in any legal proceedings. If he isn't President then he doesn't know whats going on, beginning the end of this month after he signs a non disclosure agreement of course. No word on any replacements, but with the recent hiring of  Vice Chairman Bruce Ferguson and the odd return of David Gursky, Ms. Blouin already seems to have two candidates to take over the day to day of the company, unless she pulls a rabbit out of her hat and hands the day to day reigns over to her long time Chief of Staff  Michael Pierce. It is said that he is the man who knows where all the bodies are buried and is the man who keeps Ms. Blouin in the loop on all the happenings in the office when she is out of the country. This story just keeps getting thicker.
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