Its Official Bob Sauerberg Will Become Conde Nast CEO on January 1st 2016, As Exptected

Chuck Townsend will become Chairman replacing Si Newhouse Jr. who will become Chairman Emeritus

I am thrilled to accept the role of CEO of Condé Nast, and honored to have the opportunity to continue to work with Chuck, the Condé Nast Board and the exceptional editors, publishers, engineers, developers and their teams during this most exciting time in our great company’s history,” said Sauerberg. “Audiences and advertisers have always come to us for the quality of our content—each brand has its distinctive personality and particular brilliance—but we also want to make sure those audiences are able to access our brands on all possible platforms. It's my job to make sure we remain true to our sense of quality and, at the same time, deliver it efficiently and beautifully, as only Condé Nast can.
Sunday evening  while you were having your Sunday dinner and probably watching football, Conde Nast CEO Chuck Townsend sent out an email to the Conde Nast staff announcing that he will be stepping down as CEO of Conde Nast come January 1st 2016. As expected, Bob Sauerberg, the company's President for the past 5 years and the man who has been running the show, will be the new CEO.  But Mr. Townsend won't be disappearing, he will take over as Chairman replacing Si Newhouse Jr. Here is the full email from Mr. Townsend:

Dear Colleagues,

Following two years of carefully staged succession planning, I am pleased to announce that Bob Sauerberg, President of Condé Nast for the last five years, will succeed me as Chief Executive Officer of the Company effective January 1, 2016.

I am delighted to be able to continue my 22-year relationship with Condé Nast as Chairman, with S.I. Newhouse Jr. becoming Chairman Emeritus.

We have had the privilege of beginning the Company’s critical transition from the world’s most prominent magazine publisher, to a multi-platform media company during my later years as CEO, and Bob has always been right at my side, leading the way into digital audience and revenue growth, while celebrating our remarkable accomplishments in magazine publishing, journalism and revenue generation.

His vision for the future of Conde Nast includes exponential digital revenue growth, while continuing to dominate premium print content creation and award-winning journalism. It is a growth based strategy that is built on our unique reputation and powerful brand development across all platforms available to us.

It is a celebratory moment in the history of Condé Nast, carefully thought through and unfolding on schedule. Bob and I will continue to work closely together as we enter a time filled with opportunities for growth. I am convinced that Condé Nast’s best days are ahead of it.

Please join me in congratulating Bob in his new role.

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