Hearst Not Interested in Time Inc, At The Moment

It looks like Hearst which will be busy this year anyway buying up other companies and launching new print magazines like 'Pioneer Woman' and 'Airbnb' will be sitting out the first bidding round according to the NY Post. Hearst is waiting to see if a private investor group like the one being lead by billionaire Edgar Bronfman Jr. will prevail which could possibly open up a second round sell off of titles the group may not want or to simply make back some of the money they spent. However, if that doesn't happen, like we said Hearst Magazines President David Carey is expected to lose no sleep at all.  If analysts are correct though Time Inc is Meredith's to lose. But it is known that Meredith is not really interested in all of Time Inc's titles. They only want the ones that fit in with their current stable of brands and then all the other stuff would likely be sold off to another company like American Media Inc? Many can't imagine prestigious Time Inc titles like Time and People ending up under the tabloid publisher. But hey if 2016 is any indication, anything is truly possible. With the exception of a long shot American Media Inc acquisition of Time Inc, no new prospective buyers have emerged. We have all only been talking about two, Meredith or the Bronfman lead consortium. Perhaps the board has other offers from new prospects?

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