Conde Nast Begins to Slim Down, Big Cuts Expected

The long rumored changes at Conde Nast is beginning to happen under the direction of newly installed Chief Business Officer Ed Norton. The company has already eliminated some staff with even bigger cuts expected in the coming weeks. Some departments are already being consolidated and moved to a central location within Conde headquarters downtown. Since being named CEO, Bob Sauerberg has been on a mission to slim the company down by shuttering some print titles and streamlining the executive suite by creating a small cluster of direct reports. Those with a direct line up to the CEO include artistic director Anna Wintour, CFO David Geithner, entertainment head Dawn Ostroff and digital head Fred Santarpia. Like its competitors, Conde Nast is rapidly repositioning itself to ensure a spot on the digital stage. But that's not all. These changes are also part of an effort to shave $30 million from the budget.


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