Everyone Just Keeps Ditching Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Latest top exec to leave is Jacqueline Reses who is joining Jack Dorsey's Square Inc

The ground under Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer got yet another big crack in it this time due to the departure of Jacqueline Reses who was hired by Ms. Mayer back in 2012 to head up corporate development.  Ms. Reses' departure follows behind other high profile departures like marketing/media chief Kathy Savitt, head of North America ad sales Kevin Gentzel and senior vice president Mike Kerns. These departures does not look good on Ms. Mayer who has been fighting for the past three years to reinvent the company. She embraced the strategy of former interim CEO Ross Levinsohn ro build out the company's media offerings, but even that has not been big a hit for the company. Surely this won't be the last exit from Ms. Mayer's Yahoo.
Reses’s exit comes at a delicate time, as Yahoo is planning to spin off its stake of about 15 percent in Alibaba by the end of the year. Yahoo investors have assigned the majority of the company’s stock value to its Asian assets with little left over for the Web portal’s main business.Yahoo said last month its board authorized the spinoff and the company is pushing ahead with the move, even though the U.S. Internal Revenue Service declined to grant an advance ruling blessing the deal, according to a filing. The agency is stepping up scrutiny of such transactions and indicated a decision isn’t likely to be retroactive.

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