October 13, 2014

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer Taking a Page Out of Former CEO Ross Levinsohn's Playbook

Yahoo! is slowly becoming a media company, a plan attempted by former CEO Ross Levinsohn

When Ross Levinsohn was named interim CEO at Yahoo!, he immediately set the company on a path to become a major media player. Some criticized him for this and some believe it was why he wasn't chosen to stay in the roll permanently. Mr. Levinsohn was replaced by Google's Marissa Mayer who went on a mini shopping spree snapping up companies like Tumblr and Bookpad to name a few. Ms. Mayer is now focused on moving the company into a new direction which will be dominated by media, a move that some say could lead to Ms. Mayer forcing herself out of a job due to her lack of experience in that area. But we disagree because media today is driven by new technologies which is where Ms. Mayer has experience.
while she appears to be centralizing more power around her within the company—making herself, according to many reports, the singular and perhaps only decision maker in a complicated bureaucracy—she is also steering the company ever-more away from technology, her skill set, and towards media, a business she knows little about. Indeed, the immediate future of Yahoo—which has been unable to transform itself into a media company despite the efforts of the many top media executives it has hired—now rests on the success of an original programming video slate that it is producing under Mayer.

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