If Meredith Corp is The Best Dancer, Why is Time Inc Still Keeping Others on The Dance Floor?

The finish line in the race for Time Inc is still nowhere in sight it seems as there are still multiple companies in the mix. So that part of this lengthy process hasn't changed. We've known that there were multiple parties in the running to takeover America's biggest magazine publisher including Meredith, Pamplona Capital Management, Jahm Najafi and about two other potential companies that continue to be unknown. Perhaps they don't want the attention right now. But all the money continues to be on Meredith being the most likely to win this long race. So what is causing all these reports to come back around to the Iowa based media giant being the most likely to pull this off, other than the fact that it's in the same business as Time Inc? Well it could very well be that an earlier report about Meredith being the only serious bidder is true. Or Time Inc's leadership is holding out for something else. if Meredith is the one dancing the best as multiple reports suggest, why hasn't this process moved on to the one on one negotiations phase as of yet? Last week Bloomberg reported that Time Inc was getting closer to a sale for more than $20 a share which means the company would carry a value of $2 billion. That report also suggested that these talks could drag into early or mid April, oh yeah and that Meredith is seen as the likely winner.  There is that Meredith prediction again. After losing out on Time Inc back in 2013 and being left at the Altar a year ago by Media General, we're thinking Meredith boss Steve Lacy is not going to let this second shot slip away without a all in fight.


If Meredith Corp is The Best Dancer, Why is Time Inc Still Keeping Others on The Dance Floor? Reviewed by Editor on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 Rating: 5
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