About 100 Us Weekly Staffers Will Lose Their Jobs Next Week

Its happening and it's happening fast. The long held fears of Us Weekly's staff is now reality as new owner American Media Inc is expected to start gutting the publication. AMI according to sources has been working with a skeletal staff across its publication which now carry the same stories across its stable of tabloids. So Us Weekly will fall into that set up which eliminates the need for many of Us' editorial team. About 100 Us Weekly jobs are expected to be eliminated. It was just last week that it was announced that AMI was buying the celebrity weekly for $100 million.

WWD Reports:
Immediately following the announcement of the sale, panicked staffers began meeting with AMI top brass to reapply for their jobs. According to an insider, some staffers were asked to “throw others under the bus,” while others were questioned about workflow and the process of reporting and posting stories. But according to a source familiar with the deal, the meetings were little more than a formality. AMI already had a list of the 15 staffers who will stay on — meaning that around 100 will be let go


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