So Vox Media Relaunched TheVerge Complete With a Slightly New Logo, Designers Weigh In

As promised Vox Media relaunched TheVerge its tech news website. The company is attempting to expand the Verge brand into new areas and so the first step was to relaunch the website and tweak the logo. We're sure the folks at TheVerge feel good about it all, but the graphic and web design community, are feeling a bit underwhelmed, which is probably what TheVerge was going for, but then again maybe not. Here is what the graphic/web design community thinks about the new Verge, Oh and they miss TheVerge founder Josh Topolsky who is thisclose to launching his new website, 'The Outline'.

-They simply killed the logo and switched from a weird 70s to a cheap 90s sci-fi look, with all those 45° angles (you nailed it, I thought the same thing). By the way, they lost all their charisma when Topolsky left.

-Ugh. Not a fan. And I agree, the overall aesthetic feels cheap and knocked-off, as if the late-Millennial who created it was running down a cobbled checklist of the most obvious '80s sci-fi motifs. Righteous pink-to-orange gradient? Check. Totally rad laser lines? Check. Tubular neon haze? Check, dude. Also, the hero in the wordmark should be — and should always have been — the serifed stylization of the V; the little serif on the H looks forced and extraneous, and cheapens the effect of the V.

-The Verge is a bad media itself. So the redesign that is just as pretentious and douchebaggy as themselves is quite alright, I think.

-The definition of meh.

-Pound for pound one of the most underwhelming refreshes I've seen in awhile. Where's Topolsky when you need him?

-Calling themselves "The Verge" (on the verge of technological trends) whilst harkening back to the 80s/early 90s in their branding seems paradoxical to me.

-I believe nowadays people aren't interested in anything and companies "rebrand" themselves just to create interest. It's pathetic. And this shit above is horrible.

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So Vox Media Relaunched TheVerge Complete With a Slightly New Logo, Designers Weigh In Reviewed by Editor on Wednesday, November 02, 2016 Rating: 5
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