Deadbeat CEO Louise Blouin Forced Employees to Work in Floody, Moldy Offices, Loses Long Time Chief Of Staff

There is never any good news coming out of arts and culture media company Louise Blouin Media. The current news is a multipronged. There was recently a flood at the company's 88 Laight street offices (we first reported the location) that went unattended to for weeks  forcing some employees to do the clean up and forcing some to walk off the job out of disgust and fear for their health after it mold was discovered. Blouin allegedly refused to pay for the clean up which is why employees had to do the dirty work. But shouldn't that have been an obligation for building management? Then again Ms. Blouin may have cut corners when leasing the new space. In addition, there were more departures, one of which is the biggest since the exit of company President Ben Hartley left.
Michael-John Pierce
 Chief of Staff Michael-John Pierce who apparently got wind of our suggestion that he be named President of the company has finally called it quits, walking out of the office a few weeks ago. Mr. Pierce may have brought the idea to Blouin only to be shot down prompting his exit. Pierce's full LinkedIN profile has since been deleted. The only senior executive a left at the broken company is President of global business development David Gursky who is on his second tour of duty there. But Mr. Gursky, who we're sure is making a hefty salary, is the fool who will probably hit the sea bed with the company. Nobody wants to be associated with Blouin Media, because it stains their name, especially those in upper management (if you want to call it that). Many wondered why he even returned to the company in the first place. Mr. Gursky once served as  Group Publisher and then Vice President/Group Publisher which is the title he left back in 2009. His run at the company the first go round lasted almost 7 years. He then moved on to the New York Observer serving as VP of Sales/Marketing for 3 years.  He has been in his current roll at Blouin for the past year. "He returned to the company when everything was going south" said a source. So is Mr. Gursky the man who is still fighting to keep the boat afloat? We would love an accounting of people who left and what the current working conditions are. Send us an email and even photos of the current office space. your identity will be protected. The world needs to know!

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