Recently ousted Dow Jones CEO Lex Fenwick can get some comfort in knowing that he isn't the only non journalist CEO who got canned just under their two year mark. See Dow Jones has a little history of showing CEOs who didn't come up from the journalism side the door. Richard Zaninno who climbed through the ranks of the storied financial publisher to become CEO held that position from February 2006 - December 2007, a week before the
company was taken over by Rupert Murdoch. The company has always been ran by a journalist or someone from that side. So it is no surprise that News Corp CEO Robert Thomson (a journalist himself) is said to be leaning towards a journalist to lead the company once again. Its just what is normal at the company and so Mr. Thomson is working towards bringing normal back. One scenario in our heads has Mr. Thomson being shifted from the top of News Corp to run Dow Jones as its new CEO which would make a ton of sense. Afterall we can't help but imagine how in over his head he is with problematic divisions like the money losing New York Post among other units within the News Corp stable. Anyway, Both Lex Fenwick and Richard Zaninno landed at the top of Dow Jones via totally different roads. Lex was the CEO of Dow Jones competitor Bloomberg LP, so shifting over to Dow Jones wasn't much of a shock for him. He went in sleeves up with his same brash, loud management style, he took the company by storm and went out like a light mist. Richard Zaninno came in as a finance guy from Liz Claiborne where he served as Executive Vice President in charge of strategy and finance. He landed at Dow Jones in 2001 as the company's CFO. Within a year he was named COO becoming number two to then CEO Peter Kann. During his tenure as COO Zaninno became a serious candidate to replace the outgoing Kann as CEO, which he did in 2006. He Currently serves as the managing director of CCMP, a private equity group.

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