Dec 5, 2007



Over at magazine industry magazine Circ Manager, Ava Seave and Anne Kinard of Quantum Media discloses the result of a small survey they did on the difference between their generation and the younger generation, and some of the responses was even mind boggling to us. They came to the conclusion that twenty-somethings in circulation departments as well as in other publishing departments and in other businesses, work as hard as someone twice their age. WOW! what country did they run this survey? Yeah they work hard alright, but not on work related stuff as you will see in some of the survey responses below. Perhaps they should do a survey on these alleged young hard workers and asking them what they spend their time at the office doing. We think they would be shocked at the responses.

More than half the managers who took our survey agree that gen Yers generally work as hard as or harder than older generations—they just work differently.

“For the most part I think they work about the same, but their motivation is far less team/group focused and more ‘me focused.’ ”

“It seems that they spend about the same amount of time in the office as their older peers, but more of that time is spent checking personal email and updating Facebook pages. But when they are dedicated to a project, it gets their intense full attention—albeit in short bursts. It seems to balance out.”

Now the response from the other half:

But the 40 percent, who disagree that twenty to thirty-somethings work as hard, really disagree:

“They seem to lack a sense of urgency.”

“Twenty-somethings are less prone to put their time in and work hard, more likely to feel entitled.”

“Twenty-somethings are less inclined to let work obligations take priority over their personal lives. While this may be a healthier approach to building a career, it tends to cause resentment among older workers who (and this is a generalization) believe that they worked harder and longer and sacrificed their personal lives in the name of careerism.”

Now that's more like it.

Working with Twenty-Somethings [CircMan]

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