It has been perhaps one of the most annoying CEO search process since, we don't know. Ever since current Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced he was retiring to enjoy his billions, the search began for a new CEO who would lead the tech behemoth into a new more nimble digital products laded future. We heard it was going to be Alan Mulally who currently runs Ford Motors. We heard it was going to be Stephen Elop who came back into the fold after Microsoft purchased Nokia. We also heard names like Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Neflix CEO Reed Hastings being kicked around. We didn't bite down on any of it. Truth be told, we were waiting to hear that Bill Gates was doing a Howard Schultz and stepping back into the CEO roll. But Gates himself is said to be on his way out as Chairman which would officially end the Gates/Ballmer reign at the company. Anyway, the boil up seems to be simmering down now with credible reports naming Satya Nadella, currently the head of Microsoft's server business which helped to boost company revenue to $20.3 billion, as the man Microsoft's board will name CEO possibly as early as today.

source: bloomberg

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