Ben Genocchio who was brought in 3 years ago from New York Times as Editor in Chief of Art+Auction magazine and VP/Editorial at Louise Blouin Media, is said to have abruptly resigned on Thursday. This after CEO and the company namesake Louise Blouin brought in Bruce Ferguson as Vice Chair and overlord of all editorial content effectively making Genocchio irrelevant. But with all that has been going on at the arts and media company, Genocchio's exit may be a blessing in disguise for the author and art aficionado. Employees are still battling with the higher ups at the company to get paid on time and just earlier this week the company announced it was drastically cutting its international editorial team. managed to obtain an internal email  deployed by Louise Blouin herself, and many say, that that email alone underscores the incompetence currently plaguing the company. We hear some people are still trying to figure out exactly what the millionaire owner of the company was trying to say in her email to staff. You can read it for yourself here. What now for Ben Genecchio who was hired with much fan fare 3 years ago?  Perhaps joining the the art section of Huffington Post. According to many, Huffpost's art coverage is far more superior than that of Blouin's

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