Nov 12, 2013


When former Time Inc EIC Norm Pearlstine was brought back into the fold by new CEO Joe Ripp to serve as Chief Content Officer, many wondered what exactly would his roll be with this fancy title. First we were told a big part of his roll would be to serve as a mediator between editors and the group Presidents they reported to in addition to seeking out new digital opportunities for the Time Inc brands. But his roll still wasn't clear. So Norm Pearlstine went on record with one of the magazine he would be overseeing (Fortune) to explain exactly what he would be doing as well as how having an office in the CEO suite is a strong symbol of...well we don't know.

the other part of this job is the opportunity to be a partner to the CEO and together think about everything from strategy to new products to extensions of existing brands. Particularly for a company that is about to go public in a time of extraordinary turbulence in our industry, it really called for a different kind of relationship. One symbol of that is that I'm not moving back to my old office, but have taken one in Joe's suite. What that may not sound particularly significant, I knew from my prior 11 years up here that you can't be a very close colleague to the CEO when you have so much physical space between you and him that you need to call to make appointments.

source: fortune

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