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"Winners Losers and Idiots", back this Friday!

Published: Monday, January 14, 2008

We are so excited to share with you that we will be relaunching our "Winners Losers and Idiots" feature. With a fresh new logo, we want to make this feature bigger and better. So this means we want your input. If you work in media and there is someone like a boss, a co-worker the CEO of your company, or you follow the media business, then submit your nominees and why they're losers, winners or idiots. Send us Anonymous emails, we will not publish your name or email address. Hell we really don't care who you are, we just want the goods!! So start submitting today for Friday's list. Send all submissions to [email protected]

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Winners, Losers & Idiots This Week: Guess who are the idiots?

Published: Friday, April 20, 2007


Dow Jones: Even though the newspaper business is struggling right, Dow Jones still managed to report an OK Q1

Cathy Black & Ann Moore: Both women sit atop vast magazine empires. Both have had failures. Both will turn all their focus to the internet, coming up with ways to milk advertisers.

Eric Schmidt: The Google CEO has the media industry on their toes and guessing. While traditional media companies play catch up, Schmidt is slowly invading their territory

NBC: for airing video and photos of the V Tech psycho which resulted in a spike in ratings

CNN: For pulling any and all footage of the V Tech psycho in an effort to not upset families who could possibly give them interviews

Hearst "Tower Awards" winners: Even though it means shit, Yeeeah! to Harper's, Popular Mechanics, Town & Country, Good Housekeeping and Cosmo Girl for taking home one of these shiny trophies

Sumner Redstone: The man may be a shark when it comes to business but he does have a heart you know. The media grand daddy has pledged $105 million to fund cancer and burn research at three major U.S. health care centers. This has Paula Redstone written all over it.

Mike Eisner: The former Disney dictator finally came out of the closet as a gun hater after living a lie all those years he ruled Disney with an iron fist.

Marcus W. Brauchli: For landing what is considered the most powerful position in business journalism at the Wall Street Journal. If only he had a different last name though.

Barry Diller: The web mogul is about to tap some black ass when he launches a new website targeting black Americans and other ethnic minorities online



Liz Spiers: The blog queen and her partners couldn’t see eye to eye so she walked away from the company she launched and started to build. You should have put your foot down Liz.

Kurt Eichenwald: This poor fuck just can’t catch a break. Just when he thought he was out, they pull him back in.

Celebrity Gossip rags: Celebrity gossip magazines like In Touch weekly, for trying to be serious with cover stories related to the V Tech murders. Stick to your celebrity stalking and leave the big stories to Time and Newsweek.

Beth Comstock: She may be in the good graces of her bosses but some of her colleagues are not too fond of her and her and her ideas

Tribune Employees: Don’t listen to Sam Zell. He is going to lay a bunch of you off

Bob Johnson: Perhaps the BET founder should think about another media play because he is just not a good NBA team owner, or so they say.

Mel karmazin: When is Mel going to realize that he may never get his merger approved?


Us. But you love it

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Winners Losers & Idiots This Week & Last Week

Published: Friday, April 13, 2007


Rutgers Women’s Basketball team: These chicks got all the media coverage anyone could or would ever want and even got some old guy fired in the process

Maria Bartiromo: The money honey and her hubby reportedly landed a sweet $6.5 million pad, and it wasn’t even paid for with Citigroup money

Anderson Cooper: The silver haired CNN anchor’s pockets just got even phatter with the $50 Million his bosses just handed him. Wonder what he is planning on doing to celebrate?

Gay People: Yeeah! Gay people can now enjoy the fantasy wedding packages offered by Disneyland.

Sam Zell: Old Sammy beat out fellow billionaire Tribune bidders Ron Burkle and Eli Broad to win the long and pain in the ass Tribune auction. Now there are reports that Zell is in talks with another billionaire, David Geffen about the L.A Times possibly being spun off in a whole new deal that we hope will be painless and quick.

Mika Salmi:
We know he was hired as the digital czar for MTV and all its online properties, but doesn’t such a roll makes him the digital czar for all of Viacom being that all their online shit is tied related to the cable net anyway? Well according to speculators it looks as though Viacom is finally wrapping its hand around this digital era we’re all living in right now and we guess all praises are due to Mika Salmi…..we think.

Mike Bloomberg: Why you ask? Well because the man just got another feature article which rubs his billions of dollars in out poor ass faces that’s why.

Rupert Murdoch: Finally King Rupe gets John Malone off his back for good. Rupe tossed John a bone sometime last year and Johnny fetched it. Now Rupe will have a tighter grip on his beloved News Corp.

EMI: The third biggest record company finally got with the program and did a deal with the mighty Apple/iTunes. The deal allows iTunes to crack open the EMI music vault and sell, sell, sell.



David Geffen: No L.A Times for you dude.

Don Imus: “Nappy Headed Hos” did him in and now he is unemployed. But trust us Imus aint hurting for cash and it may be just a matter of time until he lands on Satellite.

Pinch Sulzberger:
The New York Times ruler, is about to bet his close flung wide open by a tell all book by former Time Inc. editor-in-chief Norman Pearlstine who claims Pinch is publicity man whore.

Bookspan Employees: What can we say about these guys? Their jobs are up in the air now that Bertelsmann took Time Warner’s 50% stake in Bookspan. All we can do is pray that the blood bath if any isn’t that nasty.

Ron Burkle & Eli Broad: These guys were in, then they were out, then they got back in when they saw other people were still interested in Tribune. Too bad they lost out to Sam Zell. However, we think the lost is making them delusional because they think they can still make a run at the company.

Mel Karmazin: Mel Karmazin needs a fucking group of anti satellite deal activists like he needs a shotgun to his grey dome, but a group of activists is what he got. Now Mel has double his gift to gab to make his merger dreams a reality.

Conrad Black: We mean come on are you even shocked that Conrad Black made our losers list again? Hell no you’re not so we won’t even get into why.

New York Times Co: Does this company need to be sold stripped and revamped or what?


Don Imus: Yeah this week Don is not only a loser but an idiot as well. Do we really need to get into the details?

Deirdre Imus: Now why would this woman invite potentially dangerous people to threaten her husband’s life?

Jordan Levin: Hey Jordan, thanks for telling us all something we all fucking knew already. Next time don’t just say shit to have something to say in front of a bunch of people. We know you wanted to feel important bud dude, like we said, tell us something we don’t fucking know.

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Winners, Losers & Idiots This Week: Lite on the idiots and losers, heavy on the winners

Published: Friday, March 30, 2007


Haim Saban & Friends: Finally things are getting done at the FCC. See what getting off your hands can do. FCC Chairboy Kevin Martin and company approved the sale of Univision to wealthy media investor Haim Saban and his equally wealthy friends

David Zaslav: This former NBC Universal underling isn’t wasting any time molding Discovery Communications into his own. First he fired his President & COO, stole someone from his old boss Jeff Zucker, and now he is buying COX out of their 25% stake in Discovery.

Peter Chernin & Jeff Zucker: We know last week we called them idiots for wanting to go up against Youtube, but as it turns out, they just may have something after all.

Andre Agassi: The tennis legend landed a sweet $5 million deal for his life story. Wonder if it will all be worth it when the book drops? Because seriously, who gives a fuck.


Faye Turney: One of 15 British sailors being held by Iran, is getting all the shine. We so smell a book deal in the future, and tons of talk show appearances

Mike Eisner: The former Disney dictator has entered a deal with Myspace for his “Prom Queen” webisodes. His really turning into a little web mogul isn’t he.

Felix Salmon, Tim Swanson & Lauren Goldstein Crowe:
All three were announced this week as bloggers for the soon to be launched Portfolio.com covering the usual from entertainment to well… business of course.

Ann Moore: For closing down the struggling Life magazine with plans to launch a photo portal using the life brand

Jeff Zucker: If this man even sneezes on a female she will get pregnant.


David Pecker: This guy must be the Teflon don of the magazine industry. It seems like he can do no wrong. Not even slowly running American Media into the ground will do the trick.

Kurt Eichenwald:
At least this time he didn’t make the idiots list. But he is a loser this week because Conde Nast’s new business magazine Portfolio, pulled his piece in an effort to keep the attention on them when the mag debuts. Yeah because you know everyone wants to know about the alleged boy porn financier


Sam Zell: Not only did he bid on Tribune, the fucking thing could have sent him to the poor house

AMI Board:
We keep asking this question and we will continue to ask it. What will it take for the American Media board to fire David Pecker and his underlings? Perhaps pinning the anthrax thing on him.

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Winners, Losers and Idiots this week: Tribune makes another appearance

Published: Friday, March 23, 2007

***Winner, Losers & Idiots hi-lites those media industry individuals we think had a good week, those who had a not so good week and those who were just, straight up idiots. WINNERS, LOSERS AND IDIOTS THIS WEEK (WLITW), is not to be confused with the New York Post’s “This Week’s Winners & Losers” (as if). After all ours is better.


The FCC: It seems as though more than a few people at the FCC have nothing to do with their time, so they come up with bullshit plans like trying to fight the fat kid epidemic in America by trying to get more air time for fruits and vegetables. Like some kid is going to bug his mommy to go out and get him the new peaches he just saw in a commercial fresh off the truck from Georgia. Get a life

The Tribune Board:
Man these are some of the most flip flopping asses since John Kerry. First they turned away from Sam Zell’s offer, now they want to take another look at it. Guys really, you’re either selling or you’re not.

Conrad Black: For trying to play victim



Mike Eisner: Because most of you don’t take him seriously with his recent investments.

Conde Nast: Because Mary Berner continues to poach the shit out of em

Mel Karmazin: Does Mel Karmazin think he has a face that anyone would want to even think about trusting? Dude you have silver hair, short teeth and devilish salesman grin.

Your Internet Service Customer Service Rep: We’ve all had to deal with one of these butt holes at one time or another. We sometimes find ourselves trying to find out exactly where they are calling from hoping they are based close by so we can go over and wait for the dick head who gave you attitude on the phone to get off work.

Lady Black: For acting as if her husband goes to jail her life will be over. Shut up and count your money.


Mary Berner: She continues to stick it to her former Conde Nast bosses by picking at their staff.

Howie Shultz: He really launched an official record label and landed a heavyweight in Paul McCartney. Wonder if Hear Music will be signing any hip hop artists?

Michael E. Reed: The Gatehouse CEO is the epitome of what a newspaper exec should be results, results, results. You hear that Pinch? Results

Jeff Zucker & Peter Chernin: The two media bigs announced plans for what many called a Youtube killer. However it turns out Youtube may be getting into bed with them and advertisers are eating it up

Dick Parsons: For keeping us all out of the loop on exactly what he plans to do when he leaves Time Warner. That’s right Dick don’t let us in, surprise us when you do decide to run for Mayor of Gotham.

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Winners, Losers & Idiots this week: Submissions due

Published: Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We can't believe the week is almost out and what a great week it has been so far weather wise. Anyway its that time again for you to submit your choices for a Winner, Loser or Idiot this week. Your submissions have been steady and we appreciate your participation. OK get those submissions to us at the the official Winners, Losers and Idiots inbox at [email protected] . Is it possible that former New York Times reporter Kurt Eichenwald will make the Idiots list this week again? Oh man we hope not.


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WINNERS | LOSERS & IDIOTS THIS WEEK: That Eichenwald guy just keeps popping up on the idiot part of our list

Published: Friday, March 16, 2007

-Media Wire Daily

***Winner, Losers & Idiots hi-lites those media industry individuals we think had a good week, those who had a not so good week and those who were just, straight up idiots. WINNERS, LOSERS AND IDIOTS THIS WEEK (WLITW), is not to be confused with the New York Post’s “This Week’s Winners & Losers” (as if). After all ours is better.


Mike Eisner: The former Disney dictator’s name has been staying in business headlines lately due to recent deals he has his hands in. Last week it was his takeover of sports card maker Topps, this week he launched a digital studio called VuGuru.

Time Magazine:
The iconic news weekly rolled out a new look today for its print edition. Ann Moore seems to be getting it all in before she leaves the ship.

Jared Kushner: The “Boy Publisher” is getting the hang of the whole publisher gig. The guy even works on a Sunday which shocked the hell out of some Observer staffers. Normal single 25 year olds would be in bed until noon.

Disney: Finally under the leadership of Bob Iger, Disney is pushing some of what many call its racist ways under the rug with the soon to be released “The Frog Princess” in which Disney will debut its first black princess. Ok white people run and hide now.

Mary Berner: After being structured out of her CEO gig at Fairchild, the newly installed Readers Digest CEO raids her old stopping grounds for her loyalists.

New York Daily News: The newspaper finally rolled out a new website after all its competitors already did months ago.

Steve Case: One half of the duo behind the media industry’s nastiest merger is on a bit of a comeback on the new media front. First he rolled out his online health destination called RevolutionHealth.com, and now the AOL founder has launched online payment processor GratisCard.com, lets hope he doesn’t merge the two.



Kevin Martin: The FCC Chairboy was told by Democrat John Dingell that he needs to mind his business and focus on what the FCC is supposed to be focused on. After looking at shit getting backed up at the FCC, Marty wants to start working for real now.

Youtube: Not that its anything new to them but they now have yet another lawsuit on their hands this time from the very disgruntled Viacom. But they still get to bed sister company CBS

New York Daily News: Yeah they rolled out a looooong overdue new website but unfortunately it sucks major ass. We’ll take the New York Post’s website thank you.

Clear Channel: We hope this is not another Tribune waiting to happen. The board delayed a decision on a $19 Billion bid to take the company private.

TradeDoubler: After much hype, AOL yanked its offer to take over the Swedish online marketing specialist. What will TradeDoubler do now?

NY Times: The whole senior management team gets a big shame on you for still raping the company knowing profits were in the toilet.

David Pecker: The American Media Chief has managed to remain in power at the embattled tabloid publisher but we think the end is near for Pecker. Under his leadership the company is sitting on $1 Billion in dept, a huge drop at newsstands and continues to miss financial reporting deadlines. It’s time to lose Pecker and Bonnie Fuller all together.


Kurt Eichenwald: Yup he’s back again at the top of our idiots list because Kurt Eichenwald needs to just simply disappear and keep quiet. Trust us, we will all forget about you. But instead he is filing lawsuits and doing interviews. You don’t hear Justin Berry yapping do ya?

Sam Zell: For getting caught up in the whole Tribune shit storm. After making what we thought was a sweet offer for the company, his fizzle seems to have fizzled like all the other offers in the past. We will celebrate the day this story goes away.

Fox News: For not being fear and balanced like they claim to be, or so some say.

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Send us your picks for this week's winner's losers and idiots

Published: Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Friday is right around the corner and you know what that means. Yup, another round up of this week's winners, losers and idiots. Send us your picks for this week's list along with an explanation why the individual is a winner, loser and/or idiot. Send your picks to [email protected]


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Published: Friday, March 09, 2007

-Media Wire Daily

Welcome to the first installment of the “Winner, Losers & Idiots” (WLITW) feature which you can catch here every Friday afternoon. In this feature, the Idiots come first and the winners come last. In addition to our choices, Individuals are also submitted by you the reader.


Kurt Eichenwald: This respected New York Times reporter may have indirectly funded the re-launch of a controversial porno website through his back door $2,000 payment to Justin Berry, the kid who went to Washington to denounce websites like his, and the perverts who frequent them.

Tribune Board: These guys have yet to come clean on what it is they really want to do with their company. It has been a long drawn out issue and this needs to be put to sleep ASAP. The company did manage to make the news again with no news of a decision, only that they won’t be selling off any more newspapers.

Take-Two Interactive Board: To some the board of Take Two interactive may be idiots to think Strauss Zelnick can do good for the company and its shareholders. But his track record running a similar company shows different



Rick Kaplan: The former cable news big dog is climbing aboard the sinking ship that is the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric as executive producer.

Sumner Redstone: for having no backbone regarding Tom Cruise. After firing him behind former Viacom CEO Tom Freston’s back, the wrinkled media magnate is now swallowing his not so nice words for the actor in an effort to win back his friendship

Michiel Bakker: The head of MTV UK jumped ship before MTV CEO Judy McGrath could push him off. Then again why wait to be fired right?

Edgar Bronfman Jr: For continuing to make bids for rival EMI knowing that they would turn it down like they have been doing for years.


Pete Levinsohn: For being lucky that his cousin Ross left things in good shape so he can take all the credit at Fox Interactive Media. Myspace is officially the driving force in Rupert Murdoch’s Interactive machine

Bob Iger: For being voted best dressed at this year’s Oscars with his wife Willow via our poll. Investors being excited about Disney’s future is a good look as well.

Mike Eisner: For keeping his money circulating in the business with his third public investment since leaving Disney and landing on Forbes’s Richest Americans list for the first time with $1 Billion

Cathy Black: For having no web regrets but smart enough to start rolling out her digital strategy before the boat left the Hearst dock.

Strauss Zelnick: For pocketing almost $100 million when Ripplewood Holdings' closed its $2.4 billion purchase of Reader's Digest Association and Time Life simultaneously.

Mary Berner: For finally taking the keys to the ship at Reader's Digest Association. Now make us proud Mary

USA Today: For finally re-launching a fresh new website with more of the same.


WINNERS LOSERS & IDIOTS: Submit your choices today!!

Published: Thursday, March 08, 2007

Do you have someone in mind you think should be in our new feature being launched tomorrow called "WINNERS, LOSERS & IDIOTS THIS WEEK" (WLITW)? Then send us your choices because we won't be taking anymore submissions after today. For those of you who already submitted your choices, we thank you and remember we will take your identity and/or I.P. addresses to our graves. Remember WLITW is a weekly feature that will publish every Friday afternoon hi-liting media industry individuals who had a good, bad, or shitty week. Send all submissions to [email protected]

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Published: Monday, March 05, 2007

This week we will be introducing a new feature to hi-lite those media industry individuals we think had a good week, those who had a not so good week and those who were just, straight up idiots. Our new feature will be titled “WINNERS, LOSERS AND IDIOTS THIS WEEK” (WLITW), not to be confused with the New York Post’s “This Week’s Winners & Losers” (as if), after all ours will be much better. Of course we will call on you from time to time to help us choose our winners, losers and idiots of the week. Yeah even if it’s your boss, don’t worry, no one will know you voted, not even us. A few months ago we rolled out a feature called “Media Weasel” but WLITW will be replacing that feature because we think this forms a wider net. WLITW will be posted every Friday and promises to be funny. We may even give this new feature its own feed! So you don’t miss a beat. So feel free to send in your picks every week to be included on the list and don’t worry, we’ll keep it on the down low.


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