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TechWeb takes shape: Major Promotions and hires announced in the house of Uphoff

Published: Monday, March 31, 2008

Tony Uphoff, our long time candidate to take over as CMP Media CEO didn’t land that gig, but he landed a CEO. Uphoff who is now CEO of TechWeb, one of four new companies born from the CMP bust up, is wasting no time getting his house in order. The company has announced a slew of promotions and three new hires. Take our word for it, you’ve never seen so many new Vice Presidents in one press release, at least we haven’t. Uphoff is making sure he has the right people in the right places because of the four companies created, he landed the biggest based on revenue. We were expecting to see another VP nod but I guess that one won’t be happening.

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Name That Company: Ten Names Insight Partners could have gone with for Ziff Davis Enterprise but failed to

Published: Thursday, March 20, 2008

It’s really unfortunate that, when Insight Venture Partners dropped $150 million to buy Ziff Davis Enterprise (ZDE) from Ziff Davis Media that they didn't think to change the name of the company to completely disconnect itself from the Ziffisms. You know it's ridiculous when new ZDE CEO Steve Weitzner has to go out of his way to post a letter to employees reminding them that Ziff Davis Enterprise and Ziff Davis Media are two different companies right after Ziff Davis Media filed for bankruptcy. Did we lose you yet? Stay with us now, we know it's confusing. We have no idea if the decision to keep the name was to not throw off advertisers or what but any smart ass knows, unless you purchased the whole company, it’s probably wise that you re-brand the piece you bought to not cause the current confusion that’s out there now with these two companies. Like we said before, Steve Weitzner and his underlings will always find themselves explaining to people that that ZDE and Ziff Davis Media are two different companies. With all that said, we came up with some names that we think would have rolled well for the new company. We guarantee at some point, their will be some kind of announcement regarding a new name, not because of this post but because it’s simply something that should have been done right after the deal closed but was overlooked. Here are some names (in no particular order) we think would be a good fit for the company if they are available for the taking:

1-ZDE Enterprise
2-IVP Technology Group
3-Insight Media
4-Insight Enterprise
5-eWeek Enterprise
6-IVP Media
7-IVP Enterprise
8-ZDit Media
9-ZDit Networks
10- Insight Networks

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Mo Money, Mo Money! for Ziff Davis Enterprise, not Media

Published: Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ziff Davis Enterprise ruled by former CMP Media CEO Steve Weitzner said it got a cash injection from global investment group Bessemer Venture Partners. Weitzner says that the $20 million will go to work right away to grow ZDE via acquisitions, audience development initiatives and social media. We so wish he would use some of this money and re-brand the company. Why try to grow a business that shares the same name as the company it was purchased from which has since filed for bankruptcy protection. There will always be confusion between Ziff Davis Media and Enterprise and it will also hamper Weitzner's effort in trying to establish an identity for his company. Weitzner and his lieutenants will spend a lot of time explaining the difference between the two companies.

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All hail King Uphoff, Kinda!

Published: Friday, February 29, 2008

Our main man (in our heads of course) Tony Uphoff may not have gotten the BIG CEO gig at CMP, because his rulers at United Business Media came up with the brilliant idea to break up the company into four separate businesses. But based on 2007 proforma revenues ($178 million) for TechWeb, formerly CMP’s Business Technology Group, Uphoff has been running the biggest group which now means he will run the biggest of the four. So at the end of the day Uphoff still carries more weight than his 3 counterparts which is not necessarily a good thing. Wonder how many employees each company has? And will each company have its own CFO? Damn it this is so confusing!

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Is David Levin the cancer that may be slowly killing CMP?

Could CMP's problem be United Business Media CEO David Levin? Ever since he took over at UBM, CMP has been shaken up more times than one. When Levin took over UBM, soon after he made a visit to the CMP offices during one of the company's summer BBQs where he spent the whole time speaking with then CEO Gary Marshall and then COO Steve Weitzner. He didn't even walk around talking with middle managers or the rest of the work force. Soon after his visit, word came down that Gary Marshall left the company and Steve Weitzner would take over as CEO. Gary Marshall has since evaporated into thin air or something. Fast forward to almost two months ago, Steve Weitzner was also abruptly let go and has since landed at CMP rival Ziff Davis Enterprise. So what’s really the deal here? Is David Levin bored with his job that he has to go and stir things up at UBM divisions? How has CMP improved other than spending cash to buy into areas it wants to do business in? There is something about Levin that rubs us the wrong way. He is a spin artist. Saying that the restructuring shouldn't be taken as a sign that UBM plans to divest one or more of the separate businesses only makes you think that’s exactly what the goal is. Why is the former chief executive of a mobile phone software licensing company trying to fix something he knows nothing about, that wasn't broken to begin with? If something isn't broken, don't fix it, improve it. Some commenters on Foliomag.com, probably current and former CMP execs sum it all up lovely saying:

How much will it cost to rub the CMP name off everything and get new signs, pads, business cards, etc etc. Months of analysis. For this. The rebranding costs will be significant. Does each "company" now start building its own HR department....it's own sudience development specialist...then another and another..... does the [email protected] e-mail address go away?? This should keep "The Company-Formerly-Known-As-CMP" nice and busy while their competitors focus on their customers and businesses. How is this non-change going to increase their business?

Basically, what this is all about is David Levin taking over as the real CEO with Scott Mozarsky as his on-site COO to keep an eye on the new "CEO's", operations and finances. The idea that these are really four independent businesses is pure spin. These are four operating divisions of a single organization with four divisional heads with the title of CEO. I presume that the great CMP brand will descend into the UBM corporate netherworld along with that other great corporate brand: Miller Freeman. There is also the small matter of CMP Asia and CMPi in Europe

We think we're going to launch a "Fire David Levin" or a "David Levin is bad for B2B" campaign

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Yet another confusing chapter in the CMP Technology Media Saga

We won’t lie. We had our Tony Uphoff piece all set and ready to go since the beginning of this week believing he would have been named CEO of Long Island based technology media company CMP. But instead what we got was more of the same. United Business Media, CMP's parent company has announced that the company known as CMP will be no more. Instead the company will be broken up into four separate businesses with four CEOs. Confusing and senseless? Absolutely, but be on the look out for individuals who will try to dig up some good from this bazaar new structure. Structures like these only work for major companies with billion dollar business units. But for a company CMP's size, who are we kidding? Basically nothing has changed much. The company already had four business groups with four Presidents overseeing them. Some things were moved around and titles were changed and that’s about it. This just adds to something we have been saying for a long time that CMP, has been struggling to find its image for years even with its status as the industry leader. The name change, the out of the blue departure of Steve Weitzner etc. This is probably Levin’s way of putting himself up on a higher perch having four more CEOs reporting to him. This will all lead to a sale one day, because United Business Media seems Clueless when it comes to what they should be doing with CMP. Hey Uphoff at least you still got a CEO title.

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Is it true? Will CMP Technology honor our choice for CEO?

Published: Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When Steve Weitzner was strategically demoted at CMP, we got over the shock really quick and began our predictions as to who would be named CEO. For a while we've said we believed the person would be from within the company. Ok so we threw around the idea of an outsider as well but our hearts remained with an internal candidate. We put together a short list of who we thought would be possible candidates for the CEO gig and some were OK choices and some were just not right for the job. But one candidate stuck out based on what the suits at United Business Media, CMP's parent company said they were looking for. The individual we decided would be the perfect choice to lead CMP was Tony Upoff currently CMP’s Business Technology Group president. Now we get word via Foliomag.com that a new CEO could be named before the end of this week and guess whose name is being thrown around as the possible choice? Yup Mr. Uphoff. It's a no brainer. Uphoff brings exactly what United Business Media CEO David Levine says he wants in the next CEO. So did, United Business Media listen to us? Who knows but we know you're reading!! If this information from Foliomag.com is indeed true, then all Hail King Uphoff!!!

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CMP Technology Media announces key appointments, has yet to name new CEO

Published: Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CMP Technology Media may still be without a CEO but that isn't stopping other execs from shuffling their group of underlings. Robert Faletra, President, CMP Channel was in a shuffling mood and shook up his management team naming key players to new rolls that seem to be more symbolic than anything. Dan Dignam, Group Publisher, has been promoted to CMP Senior Vice President, Robert C. DeMarzo, Editor, has been promoted to CMP Senior Vice President, Larry Hooper, Editor, CMP Channel Online has been promoted to CMP Vice President and Kim Leonard, General Manager, has been promoted to CMP Vice President. So when will a new CEO be announced? We heard chatter that a new CEO could be announced this month. Our gut tells us the new CEO will be from within or someone from the past.

"I'm pleased to announce the promotion of these leaders," said Robert Faletra, President, CMP Channel. "Dan, Bob, Larry and Kim work tirelessly to create innovative products and services. Through their help, we are able to provide the sellers of technology with news, analysis and effective solutions to grow their businesses."

CMP Channel Announces Key Leadership Promotions [PRNW]

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Ziff Davis Enterprise CEO Steve Weitzner to install some familiar faces around him?

Published: Wednesday, February 06, 2008

According to a source, newly installed Ziff Davis Enterprise CEO Steve Weitzner who was pushed down and out at CMP Media, may be planning on bringing in some old faces from his old kingdom. This is a no brainer, CMP's Audience Development department was ran by former Ziff Davis employees who worked on the publications Weitzner now oversees. On another note CMP Media is still CEO-Less. However it was said that a new CEO could be announced this month. Will the new topper come from within, or outside? Another candidate just popped into our heads. CMP could very well do a deal to take over smaller competitor BZ Media and install BZ CEO Ted Bahr as its new leader. Bahr is associated with CMP by way of Miller Freeman Inc where he served as group president and member of the board of directors before that company was folded into CMP. Far fetched? Not really. This has to be the most secretive CEO search ever, if one is even in motion.

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New Ziff Davis Enterprise boss Steve Weitzner announces new administration, gets creative with new titles

Published: Monday, January 14, 2008


Just a week after being named CEO of Ziff Davis Enterprise, Steve Weitzner basically keeps things in tact and promotes within. In announcing his new management team Weitzner created a whole new title which is sure to roll across the B2B industry. He named an in house consultant at ZDE, Chief Audience Officer. Weitzner should get this one trademarked so anyone who wants to use it has to pay him. Anyway here is the run down on the new get down at Ziff Davis Enterprise.

The restructuring will organize the company around brand awareness, demand generation and deep customer engagement-including white papers, e-seminars and virtual trade shows, live events, roundtables and summits. According to Weitzner, ZDE's "advantage in this fragmented market is that our customers are looking for partners who can help them with the bigger picture and with achieving their global objectives, rather than just another single source of leads, or banners or ad pages. To succeed in satisfying our customers and our audience, we need a new kind of management structure."

So other than implying that ZDE's customers and audience weren't satisfied before he came on board, what other titles will pop into Weitzner's head. Where was he when he came up with the Chief Audience Officer title? Anyway we're still waiting for CMP's new CEO to be revealed.

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With no contract at CMP, Steve Weitzner just may raid his old house

Published: Wednesday, January 09, 2008


A touch of mystery still surrounds the sudden demotion and now departure of former CMP Technology Media CEO Steve Weitzner. According to new reports Weitzner was doing a good job at CMP and was well liked by many inside the company. So what was really the reason behind his departure? Was it orchestrated by the man himself because he knew he was in serious talks with the new owners of Ziff Davis Enterprise? Or was he a threat to higher ups and was getting too much attention, so the powers that be, asked him to step aside? As it turns out, Weitzner taking the top spot at Ziff may end up being a huge blow to his former company CMP. Weitzner reportedly served as CEO with no official contract, which according to a FOLIO source could lead to a huge poaching of CMP talent. After two months, CMP has not indicated it has any candidates to fill the vacant CEO spot. The company may just end up choosing from within.

"It's unbelievable that CMP let their former CEO walk directly to their major competition," one industry observer tells FOLIO:. "You never see this. The fact that they didn't protect their business implies that he didn't have a non-compete. If he didn't have a non-compete, he also didn't have a non-solicit. They often go hand-in-hand. Who's to say he's not prevented from soliciting the best talent from CMP? That's bad management."

You know, if all this is true, United Business Media CEO David Levin could very well be diciplined for this! Here in America, his job would have probably been on the line at this point.

The Unusual Story of How CMP’s Weitzner Ended Up at Rival Ziff [FOLIO]

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UPDATE: Former CMP Media CEO Steve Weitzner named Chairman/CEO, Ziff Davis Enterprise

Published: Monday, January 07, 2008

So after being ousted from B2B media company CMP 2 months ago, Steve Weitzner lands at another B2B, Ziff Davis Enterprise (ZDE), a one time business group of Ziff Davis Media. For Weitzner he is back in familiar waters. However He should avoid bringing CMP to Ziff and try new and innovative approaches to grow the business. During his tenure at CMP, the company went through what seemed like an identity crisis. One of the first things Weitzner needs to focus on is establishing a whole new identity for Ziff Davis Enterprise. Perhaps a company name change and re-branding is in order to totally break away from Ziff Davis Media. So will Weitzner's appointment at Ziff result in a mass exodus at CMP Media? Who at CMP would head on over to ZDE to join the old boss? Adam Marder who was hand picked by Weitzner may end up joining his old boss. One thing’s for sure, Weitzner won't have the cash behind him to go on the shopping sprees he went on at CMP, so maybe he will have to look into growing ZDE via the organic route. -SDH

Weitzner said, "The Ziff Davis brand has long been associated with continuous innovation on behalf of the technology audience and the marketers who want to reach and do business with them. Now, by melding the well-known strengths of the Enterprise portfolio with the lead generation machine built by Web Buyers Guide and the web development assets at DevShed, we have an unprecedented opportunity to serve technology buyers and sellers in this market. Insight has incredible resources both to assist with our internal development and further our robust acquisition program. I look forward to engaging and collaborating with our customers to exploit all of these capabilities."

Steve Weitzner Named Chairman/CEO of Ziff Davis Enterprise, Inc. [Centraldaily.com]

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Pushed out, CMP Media's former CEO Steve Weitzner lands at Rival Ziff Davis

We called bullshit when it was announced that then CEO Steve Weitzner was stepping down to focus on international business for CMP Media. This to us is just further proof that Weitzner was ask by his rulers at United Business Media to stand down with the option of staying on in created roll to save face. Since the announcement about two months ago, Weitzner seemed to have fell of the face of b2b earth never to be heard from or about until now. The man who once ran CMP Media to keep it ahead of rivals like Ziff Davis, has now popped up in the CEO spot at Ziff Davis Enterprise, the group sold off to private investors Insight Venture Partners for $150 million back in June. Weitzner replaces Sloan Seymour and will now rule over the brands he once competed against while at CMP. CMP will surely follow this announcement with an announcement of their own, hopefully naming a new CEO to run the show. Weitzner will have to work extra hard now, to try to compete with the market leading status at CMP, which he helped to build. Now who will follow Weitzner from his old house? -YOSH

CMP’s Weitzner Named CEO of Ziff Davis Enterprise [Folio]

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United Business Media CEO David Levin's life is just like any other media big shot, just way more boring

David Levin is the CEO of United Business Media (UBM) and more recently he has also taken on the title of Chairman at CMP Technology Media a division of UBM while they hunt for a new CEO. Most of you probably never heard of United Business Media, but it's a big media company in London doing big things. We were under the impression that all media execs live a certain life, consisting of, sun drenched vacations, chauffer driven luxury SUVs/cars, Private Jets and dipping in and out of the office during the week. But not David Levin, he even checks his own email, Holy Shit!!! -YOSH
THE UBM chief executive wakes at 6am at his house in Richmond, southwest London. “I spend half an hour clearing the e-mail traffic,” says David Levin, “then have breakfast with my boys.” He takes the Tube into UBM’s head office in Southwark, arriving at 8.30am. “My days are gloriously varied: product groups presenting, events, evaluations, meetings with potential acquisitions.” He takes contacts to lunch at the Laughing Gravy vegetarian restaurant nearby. He works until after 7pm, then often has a trade press function to attend. “I have a well-used tuxedo.” About two weeks a month he will be travelling around UBM’s subsidiaries abroad.

DAVID LEVIN spends his weekends helping to coach a mini-rugby team for under11s. He also likes to ski. Much of his spare time is otherwise taken up with extracurricular work at nongovernmental organisations. “It’s usually to do with development economics and the Middle East,” he says. “It’s important as an act of responsibility that you give back.” When he can, he also goes to watch Tottenham Hotspur — he has been a fan since the age of 14. “I used to stand on the Shelf in the 1980s,” he says, referring to the lower East Stand, home of Tottenham’s hardcore followers. “I dream of the glory days.”

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United Business Media wants some Latin love

Published: Thursday, January 03, 2008


United Business Media parent company of the still CEO-Less CMP Media Technology is expanding it's PR Newswire business. The company has announced that it plans to purchase a slew of Latin PR businesses including Hispanic PR Wire, LatinClips and Hispanic Digital Network. Great! So all UBM needs to acquire now to round out their audience is a Black PR firm and an Asian PR firm.

"The acquisition of Hispanic PR Wire, LatinClips and Hispanic Digital Network is in line with PR Newswire's mission to enhance our multicultural services in the U.S. and internationally through a combination of organic development and acquiring leading companies," commented Charles Gregson, chief executive officer, PR Newswire. "The services of these companies represent a full scale Hispanic communications platform that runs the gamut from Hispanic press release distribution to news monitoring and online marketing. Merging this platform with PR Newswire's services will allow us to offer marketers and communications professionals unprecedented ROI for all their U.S. Hispanic communications efforts. These businesses are leaders in their space, and we look forward to welcoming them into the PR Newswire family."

PR Newswire to Acquire Leading Hispanic Press Release, Clipping and On-line Advertising Services [PR NEWSWIRE]

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Does anyone want to run CMP Media?

Published: Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It’s been almost a month now since Steve Weitzner stepped away from the CEO gig at Long Island based media firm CMP Media. We thought by now a new CEO would have been announced but nothing, not even a blip, at least as far as we know. This can mean several things, but we will only mention a few.

-perhaps no one wants the gig.
-Maybe they have someone but they put a low ball offer on the table leaving that deal up in the air.
-United Business Media doesn't think that any of the executives still in office are capable of leading the company. Or one of them would have at least been named acting CEO or Weitzner’s duties would have been split between two individuals until a new CEO is named. You know the usual media industry way.

We can go on and on but we won't, because sooner or later UBM Chief David Levin will pull a new CEO out of the hat, perhaps someone from the past. Or maybe Levin likes to see his picture on the management page of CMP's website. We already named possible internal candidates mainly one, we think can take the wheel based on his background, but we won't be shocked if UBM forces someone from corporate to take over. And where is Steve Weitzner? Is he in India or something working on his first deal in his new demoted roll? Wonder what’s Weitzner's predecessor Gary Marshall’s take on this? We smell another shake up on the Horizon and it doesn’t smell good, especially if an outsider comes in. He/she will want to bring in their own team.

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CMP Technology's next CEO could be...

Published: Friday, November 09, 2007


With the amicable demotion of CMP CEO Steve Weitzner, the CEO gig is wide open. For now David Levin, CEO of parent company United Business Media is acting Chairman until a search is completed successfully. But we wonder why the search for a new CEO is so hush hush. Usually during a time like this most companies welcome the extra media coverage and interest, but not CMP or its parent company for that matter. Being our usual curious selves, we wanted to know how the search was going and who are some of the names being thrown around, inside and outside the company? An email sent by us to CMP’s chief communicator, Alix Raine regarding our curiosity was then forwarded to Peter Bancroft, Director of Communications at parent company United Business Media who told us “We can't help you at all since we will be making no comment at all regarding the search.” Hey Pete, it pays to talk to Mediawiredaily.com!!!

This raised more red flags for us. Why was a simple question that was sent to CMP then forwarded all the way across the ocean for someone to tell us that? Does United Business Media still have some tricks up their sleeve regarding CMP? Why not leak a couple of names to ad a touch of glitz and mainstream tones to the company? Anyway being that we were politely told to fuck off, we decided to throw around some names on our own, but they are all from inside CMP. Hell some of them could be gone before the end of the year, because something tells us, there is more to come, or go for that matter. When the news first broke we mentioned that former CNet CEO Shelby Bonnie would be ideal for the CEO gig, but we don’t know what the hell we were thinking because like a commenter said, Shelby Bonnie did lose his job because of his involvement in some backdating at CNet. So let’s go ahead and write him off because the last thing United Business Media needs is a tainted head of its technology media business.


We came across the four individuals (above) who all hold important rolls within the company already, but again some of them will probably be headed for the exit as you read this, because Long Island based companies whose parent companies are overseas are very unpredictable. The four individuals are made up of one CFO (as if there would be two) and three are heads of business. All three are (we think) capable of leading CMP on its new road but they may not have that extra oomph David Levin seeks. Nevertheless its possible CMP’s new CEO will come from inside either CMP or parent company United Business Media. Let’s take a look at our four picks (as if we had a choice) for possible CMP CEO candidates.

Who: Adam Marder
Current Job: CMP’s CFO, you know, the money man.
Why Him: He has his feet firmly planted at CMP, at least for now, and he knows the company.
Why Not Him: May not be able to let go off of managing the company’s money, and does not look approachable. May even scare some employees. May not be able to lead in this digitally saturated world we live in.
Verdict: Adam Marder should continue to manage CMP’s money if David Levin will have him

Who: Robert Faletra
Current Job: President, CMP Channel Group
Why Him: Nah, this guy doesn’t have a shot in hell
Why Not Him: Robert Faletra is a journalist. Once a journalist always a Journalist.
Verdict: See “Why Not Him”

Who: Tony Uphoff
Current Job: President CMP’s Business Technology Group
Why Him: Tony Uphoff out of the four, would be our pick to run CMP. He carries the DNA of a both a technology and media executive and he is responsible for the success of one of CMP’s biggest publications Information Week. On top of that, the guy has movie star good looks which could work well in the company’s favor
Why Not Him: Because of his movie star good looks, being CEO may go to his head resulting in loss of focus on the strategy set forth by his rulers at United Business Media
Verdict: Uphoff does have the very experience David Levin mentioned in a statement. But they may be looking outside and may over look the fact that they already have their man.

Who: Paul Miller
Current Job: President of the CMP Electronics Group
Why Him: Our man Tony Uphoff has some serious competition on his hands, Paul Miller knows this internet shit with is being managing director of one of CMP’s online networks. He too would be a good choice from inside to lead the company forward.
Why Not Him: We have no idea. The guy would be on our short list.

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CMP Technology CEO Steve Weitzner strategically demoted

Published: Friday, November 02, 2007

CMP Technology, the Long Island based media company, announced that it's CEO of two years, Steve Weitzner will step down and take on the roll of head of international M&A and business for the company, a clear cut demotion. With CMP's new direction, perhaps Weitzner isn't the man to lead after the recent restructuring. The company is looking for their new man/woman and according to David Levin, Chairman of parent company United Business Media, he/she had better have a passion for technology with an understanding of media business models. Wietzner replaced Gary Marshall who was abruptly replaced over two years ago. He has not been heard from since. Weitzner sent out an email to the troops explaining his move.

“When I joined CMP 23 years ago it was still 10 years before the commercialization of the Internet. The only “events” CMP organized were thank you parties for our many loyal print advertisers. In the past two years we have diversified the product mix and made events our single largest line of business through acquisition and organic growth. We've also launched many new online communities and products while simultaneously making our online business profitable. I am going to turn my attention to a part of the CMP growth plan that has recently begun to heat up—our international expansion in India, China, Europe and elsewhere. Our portfolio has changed radically and that offers us many new opportunities to grow overseas. I look forward to watching CMP blossom on the growth platforms we have all worked so hard to establish.”

David Levin, if you read this, and we doubt you do, Former CNet CEO Shelby Bonnie may be a good fit for the gig. But he may want to move the company to Manhattan.

CMP’s Weitzner Transitions out of CEO Role into New M&A Position [Folio]

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Morning Wire: CMP Media tries to see into the future | Berner and Co.go digital

Published: Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Our favorite girl in the magazine game, Mary Berner is whipping Reader's Digest into digital shape via underling Jackie Leo, editor-in-chief of Reader’s Digest. The magazine will make available, never before seen and/or read content for Sony's new e-book store, Connect. Not ground breaking, but its a good move in the right direction we think. As far as Ms. Leo not expecting any kind of revenue from the arrangement, makes clear that the goal is to promote the brand, or is it because Ms. Leo knows that most people wont shell out $6.36 or $9.56. Hell we would rather spend that over at iTunes or something, but that's just us. [Folio]

In other News, Long Island based CMP Media is already spending the money they saved after their recent mega layoff, and why not, that was the plan right? The company is taking a psychic route with their latest launch called Internet Evolution which the company says will help them “investigate the future of the Internet.” The site is made up of the usual smusual. [Folio]

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Afternoon Wire: $50 Mil for Anderson, and more in this afternoon's worthy media news...

Published: Wednesday, April 11, 2007


  • CNN anchor Anderson Cooper just got even richer with the extra cash CNN just threw at him. Guess the cable network decided its better to pay him more money instead of continuing to spend millions to market him. [NYP]
  • Viacom will do a deal with any website but Youtube, for now [PC Mag]
  • TimeWarner getting lashed at for indirectly supporting celeb gossip whore Perez Hilton [Canada.com]
  • CNN has a new International boss, yeeeeah! [AJC]
  • CMP Media firms up the editorial team on their Network Computing magazine because believe it or not, there are people out there who want Global IT related content [PRNW]
  • Barry Diller's Interactive Corp names a new guy who will help you find your dream home [PRNW]

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Technology media company CMP tries its hand at a little humor

Published: Monday, April 02, 2007


Long Island based media company CMP Technology has been slowly bulking up their online offerings via re-designs, added content and features. Some are successful and the verdict is still out on others. The company has also been exploiting the online video craze by launching online news shows like "The News Show" and now they are rolling out more video offerings like 'The Friday Itch" which it dubs a "Comedy Show". We will hold on on the comedy part for now but the show has some potential. However before adding more new features to it's TechWeb network, the company should really hurry a new and sleek revamp of the website. We're thinking wide format, lead headline played big at the top with photo, clean and smooth.

Disclaimer: Mediawiredaily.com editor Shomari Hines if a former employee of CMP Technology

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So thats why they can't kick they tires on Ziff

Published: Friday, January 19, 2007

Technology media company CMP is vacating its longtime Manhasset headquarters in search of a more open air environment where employees can communicate openly and freely. In other words, CMP will be adopting a bull pen style set up where the majority of employees will be in low walled cubes. The company is known for sticking everyone from Directors all the way down to assistants in offices due to the lack of cubicle space available. However the company does have some nice perks offered to employees like a full size gym, a newly constructed cafeteria and daycare service which may all be a thing of the past when the move is complete. We think the move is a cost saving effort being put in motion by upper management.

CMP hopes to complete the move in the third quarter of this year.The company has about 500 employees in the Manhasset building, and a total of about 1,200 workers across the country. It is owned by United Kingdom media conglomerate United Business Media

"We're looking for open space where people wouldn't necessarily have separate offices and where they would be in surroundings where they could collaborate and discuss things," Raine said.

CMP of Manhasset seeks new quarters [Newsday]

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Today is Ziff Davis day...hopefully!

Based on earlier reports, today is the day that the owners of Ziff Davis are expected to decide who they will sell parts of the company to. Of course they won't make that decision based on who will take care of their company, but who made the sweetest bid. The owners are selling off the company garage sale style in an effort maximize their take. Bidders still looking at parts of the company include Apprise Media and Viacom's MTV publishing unit. We are still puzzled however as to why Ziff Davis competitor CMP Technology isn't kicking the tires on Ziff. Lets see if the company will finally get sold.

EARLIER: Will someone buy Ziff Davis already!

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Will someone buy Ziff Davis already!

Published: Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ziff Davis has been on the block for as long as we knew who they were and they have yet to be even groped, kicked, sniffed you name it. Last year we mentioned that all or some assets of Ziff would fit great with bigger rival CMP Technology and we still stand by that. A CMP Ziff merger would solidify CMP's domination in the events, technology media sector. It would be a smooth task as many of CMP's current directors and executives did time at Ziff and are familiar with the products. But again such a deal takes money and we're not sure if CMP's parent company United Business Media would float CMP the cash to do a deal. The company has been on a shopping spree since CEO Steve Weitzner took over. Most of the acquisitions have been to fluff up the company's event offerings.

For the current bust-up, the company is being split into the gaming group, which includes video gaming magazines and Web sites, and the enterprise division, which includes PC Magazine - once the biggest magazine tracked by the Publishers Information Bureau in terms of ad pages.Bidders still looking at parts of the company include Apprise Media and Viacom's MTV publishing unit. Quadrangle is said to have dropped out.

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Morning Wire: And now this morning's worthy media news, and yes this includes yap about the new iPhone

Published: Wednesday, January 10, 2007

  • Everyone is asking which billionaire is looking to buy Tribune. We know its not Rupert Murdoch. No we don't have a direct line to the man, but come on, it just wouldn't make sense for News Corp at this point....or would it? [ETP]
  • Steve Jobs finally does what we all said he would do and announced the expected iPhone. Now start saving [Reuters]
  • The already thick layers of management at Dow Jones just got thicker, with the creation of 3 seperate groups created from their enterprise media group [Reuters]
  • We bet some naive jackass at Time Inc is working extra hard now more than ever thinking he/she will be spared when Anne "The Butcher" goes on her latest blood splatter spree. [Mediaweek]
  • To hell with Google. CMP Technology,best place to work for gays and lesbians [PRNW]
  • Wonder what Mel Karmazin would have given Howard Stern if they exceeded their year end subscriber goal by 4 million? [NYT]

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John Kilcullen will now tell us about about overpaid agents,studio heads and record execs in unison

Published: Tuesday, October 10, 2006

There are some major changes at VNU and to tell you all about it, we will now mooch off of our friends (in or heads) at FishbowlNY:

TO: All VNU Business Media EmployeesFROM: Bob KrakoffDATE: 10 October 2006
RE: Management Changes

I would like to announce two important changes in our executive team. Tony Uphoff, President of the Film and Performing Arts Group and Publisher of The Hollywood Reporter, is leaving VNU Business Media to return to CMP as President of the Business Technology Group. He has been a valuable member of the Business Media Management Group and has been instrumental in leading the transition of The Hollywood Reporter from print to digital including products offering information and data. Tony will be leaving on October 17th.

Billboard Publisher Promoted To Publisher Of Hollywood Reporter, Too [FBNY]

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Ziff still on the block, may sell this time around

Published: Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Being on the block is nothing new at Ziff Davis. The media company has been on sale longer than we have been around to report on it. However it looks like talks are heating up again at the company and the search for possible interested parties looking to get their hands on some Ziff properties. Ziff is so serious, they hired Evercore Partners and Lehman Bros. to look at alternatives. The company has been slowly trimming itself into an online and events media business which is where the bulk of its revenue comes from.

Earlier we laid out a scenario where rival CMP Technology, formerly CMP Media would go after some Ziff properties or all of Ziff, but this doesn't look likely as CMP recently spent millions buying another firm.


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Could media rivals Ziff Davis and CMP Technology be on a marriage course?

Published: Saturday, July 01, 2006

Rumors have been running wild in the technology media circle about Technology publishing giant Ziff Davis Media being on the block. Reps for the company responded to the rumors by enforcing the policy many companies seem to have these days by not commenting on rumors. But what if the rumor were true, what would it mean to the technology media business, who would step up and bid for Ziff?

One sweet scenario would be a merger which would keep current Ziff owners in play but on the back end. But which company would be a perfect fit for Ziff? We came up with what we think is the only good fit, CMP Technology formerly CMP Media. CMP is one of Ziff's biggest competitors and would fit Ziff like the king of pop's gloves fit his right hand.

But how would CMP go about a merger with Ziff even if CMP CEO Steve Weitzner wants a shot at it? Would CMP parent United Business Media green light such a deal? Does CMP have the money to do such a deal? Well one thing's for sure. If a CMP Ziff merger were to take place, it would create the biggest technology publishing company on the planet further dwarfing smaller rivals like IDG and Cnet.

A CMP Ziff deal can play out many ways. Ziff's owners may decide to sell the company off in pieces in an effort to cash in more. A very attractive piece of Ziff for CMP would be its events business which CMP has been expanding over the years. CMP already has the biggest events business in the tech publishing sector and taking over Ziff's events business would certify a monopoly.

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