Time Warner Boss Jeff Bewkes Played The Long Game

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes is preparing to retire on a high note. If and when the deal goes through to sell Time Warner, the media and entertainment, he will leave the company having delivering big returns to his shareholders by reducing the size of the company, not expanding it. This and many other moves over the years as CEO is what lead the Economist to dub him "The Anti Mogul"
The boss of Time Warner is an anti-mogul in more ways than one. In an industry long-dominated by imperious tycoons intent on amassing power—think of Rupert Murdoch, or Viacom’s Sumner Redstone in his heyday—Mr Bewkes has shrunk a content empire, not expanded it. He is about to sell it to AT&T for $109bn in the fifth-biggest takeover of all time. If the deal goes through shareholders will have made a 341% return during his tenure (including spin-offs and dividends), making Time Warner one of the best-performing big firms in America during that time.

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