The Associated Press Launches Members Only Native Ad Agency

The AP which isn't immune to the digital media onslaught, is about to tap into its newswire subscribers with the launch of a new native ad agency. The agency will offer up sponsored content alongside its news inventory and media giant Hearst will be one of the first AP subscribers to give the new agency a test drive.
This is not exactly a selfless move: In recent years, several members have dropped their AP subscriptions because they didn't want to keep paying for them. If newsrooms keep losing money, news wires like the AP will lose their customer base.

This latest move, which the AP was planning to announce Monday, is the news wire’s first foray into advertising, but it came out of another service AP’s been providing for about 10 years: “AP Assignments” is an in-house business that produces high-quality photographic and video material for brands to “build into” their own marketing materials


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