With Its More Than $250 Billion Cash Stockpile, Wall Street is Waiting For Apple to Eat Something Massive

Wall Street is drooling and it's not about the next app IPO. Its about Apple, it's more than $250 Billion cash stockpile and what it plans to do with all that money. For years Wall Street has been waiting and speculating and analyzing what Apple's next move will be. The consumer products/tech giant dipped into its very deep pockets a few years back to buy Beats by Dre for $3 billion. But since then the company hasn't really made any big splashy acquisitions. Yeah thats right the Beats by Dre acquisition was milk money for Apple. But with its ever growing cash stockpile, the bulk of which is stashed overseas, the buzzers are buzzing again about possible acquisition targets for the company. See Apple has been dipping its toes in the media business as it looks to secure other sources of revenues. The company has serious streaming media ambitions but doesn't have the platform to stand out among the leaders like Netflix and Hulu. So what better way to create a platform than to simply buy one of those which analysts are speculating about. Or how about securing an exclusive partnership with one of those guys and buy an endless amount of content. But from who? Oh yeah Disney, and we don't mean just buying their programming, we mean the entire company. Analysts are also spinning a scenario where Apple buys or mergers with the magic kingdom creating the first  $1 trillion company. For years rumors have hovered over both Apple and Disney since Steve Jobs was alive. But nobody knows what the splashy acquisition shy CEO of Apple Tim Cook will do, if anything at all. He could even shock us all and not buy any of the above mentioned and instead go after a video game producer, or how about a car company like Tesla? 
Investors in Apple could see as much as a 20 percent gain from an Apple acquisition of Disney, or 7 percent from a purchase of Tesla or Netflix, Suva said. The iPhone maker could also use part of the cash to increase buybacks, he said in the note, resulting in "a significant 20 percent lift" in the share price.


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