Ozy Media CEO Carlos Watson Fronts Silicon Valley Magazine

Carlos Watson who once spent most of his time anchoring an hour long program on MSNBC back in 2009 before moving on to launch a daily blog called 'The Stimulist', made his biggest move back in 2013 when he launched a digital news and culture magazine. Ozy Media which counts Laurene Powell Jobs (wife of Steve) as in investor has been growing rapidly. Late last year the company expanded its team with the addition of a revenue chief and a branded content editor. Before that, the company entered the broadcast tv business via an agreement with PBS. With more than 20 million unique visitors each month and over 1.5 million subscribers, Ozy is up there with the best of them and Silicon Valley Magazine is taking notice with a cover feature.
Carlos Watson and Laurene Powell Jobs are currently sharing the stage inside The Chapel, a San Francisco music and dining venue festooned with oversize snowflakes and bathed in red lighting. It’s mid-December and the longtime friends, who met about two decades ago while volunteering at Carlmont High in Belmont, are hosting a joint holiday party for their organizations: He is the CEO and cofounder of new-media business OZY, and she is the president and founder of the philanthropic Emerson Collective. Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, may be the more recognizable name, but on this crisp winter evening, Watson is exuding an equal amount of star power. The pair briefly takes turns congratulating each other’s teams for a job well done in 2016 before Watson, with his million-dollar smile on display, shouts to the crowd: “We’re gonna do great things in 2017!”


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