Maxim's Owner Finally Comes Out as The Editor in Chief of The Magazine

A Maxim staffer said that the new masthead title just formalizes what has always been clear: Biglari exercises full editorial control over Maxim


Things just can't seem to settle down at Maxim. Since being bought by Steak and Shake owner Sardar Biglari, the magazine has struggled to find a new identity and continues to do so today. Mr. Biglari brought in Kate Lanphear who relaunched the magazine as a men's lifestyle and fashion title but the men said NO. She was removed from that role three months ago right after it was announced that the magazine was undergoing yet another makeover after the failure of the first one. Mr. Biglari then brought in Glenn O'Brien two months ago to serve as Editor at Large because Mr. O'Brien only wanted some of the Editor in Chief power but not the title. But, it looks like Mr. Biglari is taking a "if you want it done right, do it yourself" approach as he is now about to name himself Editor in Chief. But according to some staffers it wouldn't be anything new as he has always had a kung fu grip on all things editorial and is basically just coming out of the closet as Maxim's long time Editor in Chief since he bought it.


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