Conde Nast Kills Details Magazine, You Can Collect on Your Bets Now

Details Magazine, the 33 year old publication that was acquired by Conde Nast in 1988, is packing it in. Rumors of its impending demise have surrounded the magazine for some time now with rep after rep and even more recently Editor in Chief Dan Peres either denying them or playing up the future of the publication. GQ Magazine will attempt to keep Details' advertisers in the Conde stable by upping the frequency of GQ Style which is produced twice a year. As for those who worked on Details, Conde Nast CEO designate Bob Sauerberg can only promise 20% of the 60 people jobs within Conde. The rest will be shown the door. Dan Peres and Publisher Drew Schutte are also headed for the door.

All this is part of what we call the tidy up before Bob Sauerberg officially takes over in January. The company has been making huge changes lately one of which was the ousting of Allure founding Editor In Chief Linda Wells who was replaced by Nylon Editor Michelle Lee. Conde Nast also recently put Teen Vogue under the control of Vogue Editor in Chief and Conde Nast Artistic Director Anna Wintour. Those changes lead to some layoffs and the departure of Publisher and chief revenue officer Jason Wagenheim. These changes are only the beginning with more expected leading into the new year. Bob Sauerberg is all about digital and being nimble and he's slowly but surely remaking the company to fit that image.

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