November 03, 2014

Pierre Omidyar, Corporate Culture Obsessed Micromanager?

From the start, billionaire ebay founder  Pierre Omidyar gave the impression that he wasn't sure about what exactly he wanted his new venture First Look media to be and do. This lack of plan and vision created chaos inside the well funded start up and some say ultimately lead to the departure of Matt Taibbi.
The absence of a plan, however, contributed to dissension within First Look, and chatter began to emanate from behind its wall of operational secrecy. There was an East Coast-West Coast feud, a divide between the journalists and the technologists. Omidyar’s loyalists out in California and Hawaii grumbled as Greenwald traveled the world, promoting a book, picking up awards, and speaking out of turn. Poitras, meanwhile, was immersed in finishing a documentary on Snowden. There was an internal battle over budgets, which stalled hiring and hindered journalistic output. The Intercept initially published at a piddling rate. In June, the three co-founders of the Intercept and Taibbi wrote a joint letter to Omidyar demanding freedom to proceed with their expansion.

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