October 27, 2014

Conde Nast Finally Names Chief Digital Officer

The role was one President Bob Sauerberg has been looking to fill for months

Conde Nast President/CEO in waiting Bob Sauerberg announced some changes to the company's digital media and sales teams this morning. First up is the company's new Chief Digital Officer, a roll Mr. Sauerberg has been looking to fill since last month. The role has been handed to Fred Santarpia who is now in charge of rolling out strategy across all things digital.  Next is the upping of Lisa Valentino who will now continue Chief Revenue Officering across the company instead of just for the entertainment unit.
Mr. Santarpia assumes this role after having served for the past two years as EVP and CDO of Condé Nast Entertainment, where he and his team launched 14 fully distributed video channels and operates The Scene, a platform dedicated to creating and curating premium digital video content. Set to hit 1.5 billion video views across its network since launching last year, CNÉ was named comScore’s fastest-growing video company in 2013.
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